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Newest couples of this month!!

Published on April th, 2012

Will.I.Am was recently spotted having a secret dinner date with former spice girl Geri Halliwell in London’s Rose Club. The “Black Eyed Peas” star went into the venue with his iPad—which had Felix The Cat on the screen—covering his face and seemed to be determined to not have his and Ginger Spice’s picture taken together

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Then we have Kim and kanye West….REALLY!!

Never expected this one, but makes sense the former amber rose1334595612 kardashian kanye 467 424x494 Newest couples of this month!! was dating kanye west, until he cheated on her with Kim Kardashian.

These two I guess belong with each other,  I was still rooting for Kim and Reggie Bush to get back together.

I guess after Kris Humphries, Reggie was over Kim and since Kim cannot stay alone for not even a year, she found her next victim Kanye

Singer-turned-fashion designer Kanye West has revealed he is head over heels in love with socialite Kim Kardashian.

The rapper is said to be very enamoured with the reality star.

“Kim really hasn’t ever had a guy be so obsessed with her. She almost doesn’t know how to handle how much Kanye likes her. She has never felt this loved and it makes her feel good,” the source said.

West stays in New York, but Kardashian doesn’t mind flying from Los Angeles just to meet him.

“Kim flies to New York all the time and Kanye is loaded so it’s not hard for them to see each other. He flew her private to Paris for his fashion show last minute. He’ll do anything for Kim,” said the source.

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