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MLCmag exclusive interview with Krookshank

Published on February th, 2012

How do you balance your mix of rap and reggae?krookshank 288x265 MLCmag exclusive interview with Krookshank

I don’t, there’s no formula for how much rap I mix with reggae music I feel is music I do. Plus when your raised in the Caribbean and canada that helps too best of both worlds.

As a core member of Teflon/Killergrams what makes your sound unique from other members of the group?

Everyone in the fams unique mainly cause we bring our different cultures and experiences to the table which makes the styles and stories all good.

Who or what influence you to write, record and come up with your songs?

Nobody really I mean I liked tupac, lost boyz,outcast etc but I started cause I was bored, at school on the block words just kept bouncing back and forth in my head.

Coming from the Caribbean what is your stance of Canadian Hip Hop?

It’s good lots a talent different styles but no unity, rappers think more bout themselves than the bigger picture which is the movement of the whole city, just look at the south in America poor as he’ll but they keep the city bumping by showcasing not just one talent but the whole city.

What do you think is missing to make it more mainstream like in the states?

More canadian collaborations less mimicking the states swag and put Canada in a class of it’s own.

If you could come up with a formuler on how to make it in the music industry what would it be?

Do it yourself cause all those big record labels ain’t out here and the ones that are ain’t interested in real rap or reggae they just want that R&B and pop, in my opinion.

How can you expand yourself from other artists?

By not listening or watching the music that’s out there and just create my own music.

Do you have any other artists you would like to work with both domestically & internationally?

lil Wayne and Vybz Kartel

Once most artist become established they tend to lose focus on what’s really important which is music,and tend to venture of into the mainstream world.  Do you see yourself getting lost in the world of fortune and fame?

You never know what a man will do till he’s there, cause I came up in the ghetto life I speak on the stubble and sufferation I seen but I mean just like jay z if I was at that level for that long I might sing about being rich with no worries too can’t blame a man for that, like I said music is whatever you want or feel.

So whats really importand to you?

Family,God and true happiness or money

What can we expect from Krookshank this year?

Pure Fire! My heart and soul to this shit.

krookshank 288x265 MLCmag exclusive interview with KrookshankYou can listen to more of krooky at the boombox. But here is one of my favorite freestyles of his featuring Wkill


 MLCmag exclusive interview with Krookshank
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