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Busta Rhymes Signs With YMCMB

Published on November th, 2011
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After delivering a #1 record, Busta Rhymes and Chris Brown return again in reverse roles for this new single off Busta’s upcoming E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event) 2: End Of The World album. This will be a pretty unique project for Busta because the new album will be released exclusively through Google’s new venture, Google Music. Meanwhile, Info broke the news on Celeb Drama of Busta Rhymes joining the powerful team that is Cash Money Records. That’s right, Busta Rhymes’ new home will be with Birdman, Slim, and Lil’ Wayne. He isn’t the only one joining though, former No Limit solider Mystikal has also signed with the Cash Money Empire. Belee dat!…h-chris-brown/

5 Reasons Why Busta Signing To Cash Money Is Good

Yesterday, Busta Rhymes took control of the Internet conversation, as it was clear that he had signed to Cash Money. The revelation created a firestorm of discussion. Many people opposed the move, and others were all for seeing the New York Giant get down with the house that Baby, Slim, and Wayne built. I believe this is a great move for Busta Rhymes as long as he is able to remain “Busta Rhymes” as we know him along with the added the muscle of Cash Money. Here are the “5 Reasons Why Busta Signing To Cash Money Is Good.” Read it, then love it or hate it. Either or.

1) Access to the hottest talents in the game…for free. Up front, your hate or distaste for YMCMB doesn’t matter. They have Nicki, Wayne, Drake, Baby, ji1grr Busta Rhymes Signs With YMCMBand a bunch of others. They are winning. Busta Rhymes has been a winner, but has seen a strain on his long career. Stop hating, and I mean hating. Those the balk at the signing said nothing when he was on Aftermath, under that umbrella. So, why care about this one? At least, he’ll get a release date and top-notch features.

2) Busta has done well with staying in the public eye. You have Jay-Z and a few others that are still playing in “the league.” This now gives him ann6w4t0 Busta Rhymes Signs With YMCMB opportunity to be re-introduced to the 14-year-olds that weren’t even alive when Busta killed “The Arsenio Hall Show” with A Tribe Called Quest. (Google that!)

3) Speaking of the youth, these days, they don’t get to enjoy the spoils of lyricism that some of us grew up with. Perhaps Busta Rhymes, with his CMYM pals, can help usher in a new appreciation for lyrics. Nobody, and I do mean nobody, is spitting like Busta on records like “Look At Me Now,” which was actually Chris Brown’s hit record.

4) Given the opportunity, you would sign to Cash Money, too. Don’t front.

5) Last, but not least, it’s just a good look for Busta Rhymes. Looking at the tweets, people act like this is the the mid-90s we’re talking about. The Flipmode Squad is gone. The Bushi clothing line is gone. Even the super expensive video budgets have dried up. But, Busta Rhymes is still here…and he’s an awesome lyricist. He’s a rapper that has done what only a few have done, and that’s stayed relevant in Hip-Hop for over 20 years. That’s 5f3lhg Busta Rhymes Signs With YMCMBright, Busta debuted with a group called Leaders of the New School in the late 80s/early 90s.

Some people plead that he’s a legend and shouldn’t be signing under another banner, especially one as commercially ubiquitous as Cash Money/Young Money. Busta is a grown man so why shouldn’t he – at this stage of his career – be making moves that further secure his family’s future? How many of you copped his last album in 2009? He’s never been a business man in the manner of a Jay-Z, so why pretend to be? He’s never once shown a penchant for the indie rapper life. So let Busta live. He’s an artist! He’s got the lyrics, he’s tenured in Hip-Hop and how he’s got the industry clout to add nine more lives onto an already incredible career.

Long live Busta Rhymes.


Hmmm, i dont get it? is young money the new rap juggernauts? , i doubt any of these artists will ever put out an album under the casty money imprint, does bow wow even a rapper still? Glasses malone, Game , Bow wow , Busta , notice the trend, Young money records is now the recycle bin for  old rappers.

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